Easy Cucumber Idli

I have this huge stock of idli rava from India in my freezer with which i make Undi/Seasoned Rice Dumplings…They are my husbands favorite.. So one day when i was discussing about different recipes that can be made with this rava, my mom suggested me this cucumber idli (mudho in konkani).. As it is traditionally made in banana or turmeric leaf, i was little apprehensive of how the taste would be if made in idli stand.. But then i thought of giving it a try…

             In my first attempt, i made a huge mistake of adding extra water to the mixture and not following the exact recipe…The moments during the steaming of idlis were of tension as i thought they will not come out well…I even called my mom to find out what will happen next..But she consoled me saying not to worry and it will come out well… And voila! As soon as she said that, we could smell this wonderful aroma of the cucumber idlis coming all over from kitchen to the drawing room (No! I am not exaggerating!)..

We were so happy..The opening of the steamer was like an event where my husband was standing beside me to have a look of how this experiment of mine has turned out… And wow! We were so amazed to find the idlis super soft and cooked well… My husband who was eating this for the first time loved it so much that it has come into his favorite breakfast list…

Today i made it following the exact recipe from my recipe book and it has come even better…This idli does not require any soaking,fermenting etc if you have idli rava… It can be made in a jiffy and tastes super yum… The best part is that it is so filling, you wont feel hungry even hours after eating this.. And this is my another way apart from my Instant Cucumber Dosa to finish off the leftover cucumbers…

So why wait? Prepare this yummy idlis and become a fan of it like us!

Health Benefits of Cucumber: Good source of B vitamins, Re hydrates body and replenishes daily vitamins,Anti cancer,Good for skin and hair,Aids in weight loss and digestion,Beneficial to diabetic patients,reduces cholesterol and controls blood pressure,Promotes joint health..



1 Cup Idli Rava/Rice Rava
(If not available, soak rice for 4 hours, drain and dry it over a cloth for some time…Then grind it coarsely to rava consistency)
2 mediun sized Cucumbers
3 Tbsp Freshly grated Coconut
3 Green Chillies
1 inch piece Ginger
2 Tbsp powdered Jaggery
Salt to taste


1.Wash the rice rava well with sufficient water.. Drain and keep it aside..

2.Grate cucumber in a bowl and squeeze excess water from it… Add the squeezed cucumber to the rava..

3.Grind the cucumber water along with coconut gratings and add to the rava cucumber mixture..

4.Add green chillies,ginger,jaggery and salt and mix well…
Note: The batter should be slightly watery… So add around 2 Tbsp of water if the cucumber does not leave water..

5.Pour the batter into the idli stand and steam for around 15 minutes..
Note: You will know its cooked when the aroma of the steamed idlis will spread in the kitchen..

6. Allow it to cool and remove them using knife or spoon..

Serve it hot with pickle or chuntey!
Note: You can make sweet version of this idlis too..Just skip green chillies and ginger and add a block of grated jaggery to the batter…It tastes yummy too..
UPDATE: Learned a new tip to get perfect cucumber idlis… Make sure you have little water along with the rice rava in each idli mold… If the molds don’t have that required water, this may lead to the rava not cooking and idlis turning sticky….Heres a click of how the batter in the molds should look like..

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