Avial – My Healthy Version

Having spent more than half of my life in kerala , the thing which attracts me the most is its cuisine(foodie me of course!).. With a long list of favorites, my favorite ones are the super yummy vegetable Avial and the super soft healthy breakfast Puttu (and Payasam…Oh! The list is too long!).. My memories with Avial are during marriages when i used to eat it with amazement (Wow!What a taste!).. But the funniest part is that we never made it at home simply because we thought it was very difficult to prepare it…

After marriage, during my experiments, i thought of preparing this yummy curry at home.. The first time was a huge disaster..I still remember my poor husband saying “Though it does not look like Avial, the taste is good..”… That was because i had added loads of water and cooked the veggies in pressure cooker(which is a HUGE no no with avial!)..So it turned out to be a watery avial…

From my second time, i thoroughly researched and found the correct way of making Avial.. Now i make it every week.. The best part about it is that you can make it with any vegetables you want and it is very easy to make..My usual combo is cabbage, carrots and potato… It is the best way to finish off the cabbage in a yummy way( We get huge ones here!).. This time as i had to post it in a food group, i made it using traditional vegetables like Raw Banana,drumsticks etc..The amount of coconut is also according to taste.. Even if you add a little less coconut,it comes out pretty good..

So, try experimenting with Avial and customize it to suit your taste buds and health..


1 Cup Mixed Vegetables ( You can use whichever veggies you want..Though my usual combo is cabbage,carrot and potato, this time i used Raw Banana,Drumsticks,Yam,Carrot,Beans and snake gourd)
1/2 tsp Turmeric Powder
Salt to taste
3 Tbsp Curd/Yogurt well beaten

For seasoning:
1 Tbsp Oil
1 tsp Mustard seeds
Curry leaves to taste

For Grinding to paste:
3-4 Tbsp Freshly grated Coconut
2 tsp Cumin seeds/Jeera
3-4 Green chillies


1. Slice all the veggies very fine and long..

2.Heat oil in a kadai and add oil.. Splutter the mustard seeds and add curry leaves..

3.Add all veggies except raw banana..Cover and cook for 5 minutes..Do not add water at all..
Note: Raw Banana is added towards the end as it cooks fast..

4.Add turmeric powder and salt..Mix well and continue cooking… Add few drops of water ONLY if required..Add raw banana now..

5.Grind the coconut,cumin and green chillies with little water to a coarse paste..

6.Add it to the cooked vegetables and mix well..Cook uncovered for a minute..

7.Remove from flame and add the curds..Mix well..

Serve hot with rice..
Note: Avial is traditionally cooked in coconut oil…You can also cook in Canola Oil like how i do and sprinkle few drops of coconut oil in the end over the curry to get the authentic taste..

Hello, I am Mitha.Join me in my journey of healthy eating with my foodie of a husband and an equally foodie toddler. This site is a collection of recipes that we loved so much that we had to share it. Enjoy cooking with these healthy-easy-delicious recipes!

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