Strawberry Swirl Smoothie

I have a confession to make today.. Recipe names do attract me a lot… When i search for recipes, i always tend to finalize foods which have a unique name {apart from being easy and healthy of course!}.. This recipe too was clinched just because of its beautiful name… Strawberry “swirl” smoothie.. Doesn’t it sound amazing??

                             Last day, my fridge was stocked up and alongside were these fresh strawberries pleading to be used up and i was postponing as i had still not found a good recipe with it… Then last day when i was going through my pages, i found i just had two thirst quenchers in my Drinks! page.. Now i was really ashamed… We do drink loads of fruit juices but to click during those “longing for a drink” moments is just too impossible to be true.. 

                              But when i decide to make something for the blog, the main focus is only on clicks and the thirst/hunger suddenly disappears into thin air {much to the dismay of my hubby! ;)}.. Nowadays the situation is, when i don’t click my food, i feel something is missing.. I guess fellow bloggers and active members of food groups can relate to my feelings, right.. Anyhow here is a click which i posted for food art theme in KKAJ: 

What if Smoothies grew on plants?? We would all love to be butterflies… 🙂 🙂

                                So giving rest to my chatter {for now!}, here is the recipe which i got from nestle meal ideas.. It is a very filling and healthy drink.. Dedicating this to all newbies in cooking.. Happy and Healthy Cooking!!

Health Benefits of Strawberry: Packed with Anti oxidants and Anti Inflammatory Phytonutrients, Cardiovascular benefits, Blood Sugar regulation, Anti Cancer benefits..

You can also check out my Strawberry Peda recipe.. A must try if you want to make something really yummy and different with these beautiful and healthy berries… 


Adapted fromNestle meals

1.5 Cups roughly chopped Strawberries, frozen/fresh
1.5 Cup chilled low fat Milk
1/2 Cup strawberry flavored Yogurt/Curd*
1 or 2 Strawberries for garnish {Optional}

*You could use regular yogurt too..

1. Add the strawberries, milk and yogurt in a mixer and blend till smooth..

2. Garnish with fresh strawberries..
Serve chilled!
Note: This smoothie comes out slightly sweet with the sweetness from the yogurt and strawberries.. If you like your smoothie sweeter, you could always add sugar/honey to taste..

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