Strawberry Peda | Strawberry Milk Fudge

I seriously had no idea that “Valentine’s day recipes hunting” would land me to these super delicious Strawberry pedas.. The story goes back to the time when i had bought these fresh strawberries…Was wondering what to do with it when suddenly it flashed me that i have to blog a recipe for Valentine’s day…. So kept thinking what new i could make with these beautiful berries…. Strawberry shrikhand came as a quick idea but my fridge yelled out that my yogurt stock had got over… And Strawberry cake i have already made and added here… Searching, searching and more searching & finally i came across these pretty pedas from You too can cook… I was simply mesmerized by her clicks and decided that Strawberry pedas were going to be my Valentine’s day treat for my hubby{and also for the blog! ;)}….

                           As i took the berries out, i could not help but admire them for their beauty…  Took a few clicks while they gave beautiful poses… 😉

                             While stirring the mixture, my brains were busy planning the “Photo session” of the pedas {Am i not slightly over confident?? Pedas not ready and i am dreaming about the clicks! ;)}…. But the mixture cooked and cooked while i stirred and stirred & voila! took my first taste test and What a fabulous peda!! Simply loved it… Took a teeny weeny helping of the mixture for my hubby and his expressions were worth million dollars…. He said “Wah!! Chang jalla” {which means Wow!! It has come out really well} and me?? I was on top of the world , dancing as one more experiment had worked out superbly!! You could say i just fell in love with these soft pedas which combined strawberry and milk so beautifully….. Can you see my love oozing out of these pics?? I can!! 😉

                                  I can say these pedas just made my day! I am really glad that they came out perfect and i think i have even clicked some good snaps…. So with my work done, i am sharing the recipe with all of you.. Do make these delicious pedas for your loved one and may each day be a Valentine’s day for you!! Happy and Healthy cooking!!

Health Benefits of Strawberry: Packed with Anti oxidants and Anti Inflammatory Phytonutrients, Cardiovascular benefits, Blood Sugar regulation, Anti Cancer benefits..


Adapted fromYou too can cook

1/2 Cup/ 100 g Strawberries
100 ml Sweetened Condensed Milk/ Milkmaid
80 ml Milk
2 tsp Sugar
2 tsp Melted Butter/Ghee

1. Wash the strawberries well and pat them dry using a paper towel/napkin.. Blend them {without using water} into a smooth puree..

Showing off my new hand blender! 😉

2. Pour into a wide, non stick pan and add sugar….

3. Cook on medium flame till the color changes into light pink and the raw, fruity smell subsides…

4. Add milk and condensed milk and keep stirring occasionally {every 15 secs} on medium flame till the mixture leave the sides of the pan..This might take around 15 – 20 mins….
Note: The milk will curdle the mixture as the berries are acidic but that gives a wonderful flavor to the pedas..

5. Now add the melted butter and mix well till the mixture no longer sticks to the pan..

Im sorry the light on top gave a dull, yellowish shade! Actual colour is the one shown below..

6. Immediately pour the mixture onto a greased tray…
Note: Do not leave the mixture for long on the flame as they might turn hard..

7. While it is still warm, cut into desired shapes and serve…
Enjoy your Valentines day with these delicious Strawberry Pedas!

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