Salad Burger | Healthy Sandwich Recipe

                                    “Salad Burger??” was exactly the expression on my brother’s face when i told him about my next recipe on blog.. He sprang from the couch and came next to me to check what the unique sounding burger was.. As i showed him the pics and explained that it was nothing but a simple cheese and veggie sandwich inside a burger bun, i could see him lost in drools… 😀 Such cheese lovers we are!
                                      This recipe was invented by me {if you call this an invention! 😉 }when i was chopping veggies to make a simple salad and my eyes suddenly fell on the burger buns i had bought and forgotten.. When i checked the date of expiry, it was just on the day and i had no choice but to use it that moment somehow.. Masala Pav came in my mind instantly but as i saw the already chopped veggies, the idea of making sandwich came in my “intelligently lazy” mind.. 😉
When my hubby approved of this idea as well, i quickly grabbed my camera and started my cooking with clicking session.. Towards the end, i was a happy girl lady {Still can’t think of myself as a lady! ;)}.. We enjoyed a burger each and it was definitely the best way to eat a salad.. Very filling and healthy along with being super delicious..

                                     Now that we both loved it, adding to the blog was definitely a must… But i was in a dilemma… What do i name this recipe? It is not a sandwich as i have used a burger bun and it is definitely not the usual burger which has vegetable patties in between.. So what do i call this? Saddest part is Mr Google did not help me this time.. So finally named it what it really is… A salad between a burger bun- Salad Burger.. haha… Hope you enjoyed the “naming ceremony” of my recipe.. Making this tomorrow for my brother to satisfy his cheese cravings.. You too try and enjoy! Happy and Healthy Cooking!


Ingredients: {Makes 2 Salad Burgers}
2 Whole wheat Burger Buns
1 Tbsp Tomato ketchup
1 medium sized Cucumber
2 tsp Pepper Powder/ to taste
2 low fat Cheese slices
8 Cherry tomatoes
1/2 a medium Capsicum
2 Tbsp pitted and sliced black Olives
2 Lettuce leaves

1. Cut the cucumbers into slices, halve the tomatoes and cut the capsicum into strips and keep aside..

2. Take the burger buns and halve them using a bread knife as shown..

3. Spread the inner surface of the buns with ketchup..

4. Place the cucumber slices on top of this surface and sprinkle pepper powder..

5. Place cheese slice and top with cherry tomatoes, olives and capsicum..

6. Cover with a lettuce leaf and also the other half of the bun..

Enjoy your salad burger guilt free!

1.You can also use bread slices instead of burger bun..
2. Veggies and toppings are to choice.. Onion rings can also be added for extra crunch..
3. Since the cheese slices and bun already contain salt, i do not add extra but you can sprinkle some wee bit of salt along with pepper if desired..

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