Sabudana Idli | Sago Idli

Idli again!! Can’t seem to get enough of them… After 10 varieties of Idlis , here i present the 11th one, a beautiful white beauty – Sago idli….. The best part about these idlis are they do not require grinding at all if you have idli rava in hand.. So you can send your poor grinder on a holiday for once! haha… The idea of sabudana idlis came after this delicious recipe of Sabudana Dosa with Hing chutney which has bagged the “Best Dosa” award by my mom…. So i simply google searched for these idlis {with zero hope} but was amazed to find that there were bloggers who had tried these idlis in their own way…. Now i was super excited as i knew my 11th baby {oops idli} was on the way….. 😉

                           Out of the many recipes, i loved the one in chefinyou as many had tried and posted positive comments for this idli… I also remembered i had tried  this healthy and yummy Mixed Beans & Brown rice dosa from the same site and had loved it…. So with great confidence, my brain gave green signal for this recipe..

Preparing these idlis did not take up as much time as clicking pics did… My hubby was getting impatient as his stomach was rumbling loud {or was it mine!} but still i was not getting one perfect shot… So finally clicked some rubbish pics and sat for the breakfast.. At the table, i forgot all “Bad click day” tensions when i started gobbling up the idlis… Let me tell you, if you a true sago lover {like me!}, you will surely love this idli as you get a bite of sago in every mouthful… Simply yum!! And if you have not tried them yet, it is my sincere request, please o please, Do try these cute, soft, melt in the mouth pearls.. They taste amazing!!

And the good news is, the pics did come out good after all… I guess it was all my hunger that had made me think elsewise… Anyhow, the feedback i got from my husband {who is not a huge fan of sago!} is that he felt these idlis combined the flavors of Rava Idlis {due to the seasoning} and Cucumber Idlis {as they are dense due to idli rava} but with a unique softness of sabudana in every bite… So do try it as a variation from your regular idlis and let me know how they turn out.. Happy and Healthy Cooking!! 🙂

Health Benefits of Sago seeds/Sabudana: Used in combination with rice as a herbal remedy to cool the body for ailments resulting from too much heat… Also low in fat and a low calorie meal option…

RECIPE: {Makes 14-16 idlis depending on the size of your idli mold}

Adapted fromchefinyou

1 Cup Idli Rava/ Rice Rava
1/2 Cup Sabudana/ Sago Pearls
1 Cup Curd/Yogurt
1 Cup Water
1/4 Cup grated Coconut {fresh/frozen}
1/4 tsp Baking soda {Optional!} *check notes
Salt to taste (Add little less than usual as sago is little salty)

For Seasoning:
1 tsp Oil
1/2 tsp Mustard seeds
8-10 broken cashews
1 Green chilli,finely chopped

If you do not have Idli Rava:
1. Soak equal amount of raw rice for 4 hours.. Drain and dry it on a cloth for an hour.. Now make coarse powder of this rice in mixer…. {My mom makes rice rava using this method}
2. You could mix steamed and cooled rava/sooji/semolina.. Just steam it in a idli cooker/steamer for 15 mins.. Cool and add to the sago pearls and continue with the rest of the steps.. {Idlis during fasting days are made this way at my place}

1. Take rice rava and sabudana in a bowl and wash well twice or thrice to remove impurities… Drain completely..

2. Mix 1 cup water in 1 cup yogurt and add to the rava-sabudana mixture.. Add salt.. Mix well..

3. Keep this mixture covered in a warm place overnight or for 8 – 10 hours..
Note: The rava and sago soaks in all the liquid in the mixture and the batter becomes slightly dry.. Add around 1/2 Cup water if so and bring it back to idli batter consistency {thick and loose}…

The fermented batter!
After adding 1/2 Cup Water!

4. Add grated coconut and mix well..

5. Prepare seasoning by spluttering mustard seeds in oil.. Fry cashews in it till brown.. Add green chilli…. Fry for few seconds..
6. Pour the seasoning to the batter.. Mix well..

7. Add Baking Soda now and mix..

8. Add a spoonful of the batter onto the idli plates and steam for 15-20 mins till a toothpick inserted in the center of the idli comes clear…

9. Allow it to cool for few minutes… Remove the idlis using spoon/knife..
Serve hot with a dip of your choice.. Here are a variety of Chutneys to choose from!

*Note: Regarding the baking soda addition, i did make one plate without it but finally mixed all idlis together and did not realize which of the four were without the soda.. So you could try without soda if you want to avoid it…. Meanwhile,let me try the idlis once more without it.. Will post the result here!  You can make these idlis without soda too.. Happy Idli making!!

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