Pejje Polo | Cumin Flavored Dosa

                               Are you bewildered at the dosa name? Okay, I’ll explain.. Pejje Polo is one of the most authentic dosa made by Konkanis and was made at my maternal home almost every week… ‘Pejje’ means Rice gruel and ‘Polo’ means Dosa in Konkani (Am i giving you konkani language tutorials? Its always fun to learn a new language.. Isn’t it?).. I still don’t know why this dosa is named rice gruel dosa as we are not adding any sort of gruel in it but anyways, lets not ponder on it any further.. After all, taste is all that matters at the end of the day, right? One more info was given to me by my friend Sandhya..This dosa is also served as a offering/prasad at temples in Karkala, a beautiful town in the state of Karnataka..

Even though i have tried recipes from all over the country, i always felt i have not done justice to my own cuisine, The super yummy Konkani cuisine.. So when i was discussing this to my mom, she suggested me to try Pejje Polo.. I was not that interested at first as i thought my hubby was a thin dosa lover and this was a thick one.. Why try something which he would not like? Then my mom reminded me that she had made this during our India trip and my hubby had loved it very much… That struck a chord in me.. I instantly soaked, planning a Pejje Polo breakfast for the next day…

The funniest part is my hubby did not remember this dosa at all and was excited as it was his mom in laws recipe.. So with all excitement, he stood with me while ‘dosa making’ to check what the dosa looked like.. I was super happy to see the little holes that came atop the dosa which showed that we were going to have a wonderful soft dosa for breakfast..  And how can i forget the amazing cumin aroma that came along… Cumin Lovers, this dosa is def made for you!!

So finally, I was happy the dosa came out super yummy, my hubby was happy as he got his tummy fill of  soft and spongy dosas (I secretly know he was more happy being his dearest mom in law’s recipe!) and of course my lovely mom was the happiest that both of us loved the dosa..*happy end*

I guess my story went too long.. So not delaying you further with my chatter… Quickly note down the recipe (nothing much to note, actually!).. A super simple recipe of a yummy pejje polo… Do try and cook with love!!

Health Benefits of Dosas: Since it contains lentils, dosas are a great source of Protein and Carbohydrates which can keep your hunger pangs away for a long time thus curbing overeating..Dosas and idlis are probiotic foods(since the batter is fermented) which are beneficial for the absorption of vital vitamins and minerals in the body and also for improving immunity..

Health Benefits of Cumin Seeds: Contains Iron for Energy and Immune function, Good for digestion,Prevents cancer..


1 Cup Rice
1/2 Cup Urad Dal/ Skinned split black gram
2 tsp Cumin seeds/Jeera
Salt to taste

Oil to drizzle over the sides of the dosa

1. Wash well & soak the rice and urad dal together for 4- 5 hours..

2. Grind with little water in a mixer to a slightly coarse (should get the feel of semolina/rava in the batter when taken in hands) and thick paste..
   Note: The Batter should be thicker than normal dosa..

3. Add cumin seeds and salt and blend for a few seconds more..

4. Take in a deep bowl and keep covered in a warm place for 8 hours or overnight..
    Note: Mix the batter again well with hands so as to kickstart fermentation..

5. Heat a pan and reduce to medium flame..
6. Pour a ladle or two of the batter and do not spread.. Allow it to take a round shape..

7. Cover and cook for a minute or so till the top surface looks cooked.. Drizzle oil over the sides..

8. Flip the dosa slowly and cook the other surface for around a minute..

9. Remove from flame and serve hot with chutney, butter or even as it is!!

Hello, I am Mitha.Join me in my journey of healthy eating with my foodie of a husband and an equally foodie toddler. This site is a collection of recipes that we loved so much that we had to share it. Enjoy cooking with these healthy-easy-delicious recipes!

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