Papaya Pudding | Easy recipe without gelatin

                              Doesn’t the pudding look gorgeous?? It tastes amazing too along with being super easy with just 4 simple ingredients.. The most important attraction of this recipe for me was that it was “gelatin-less” and “agar agar less”… I see so many pudding and halwa recipes in various sites and finally get let down as they use these ingredients which are foreign to me.. Finally when it seemed pudding was never going to be in our menu, here comes this impossibly easy recipe of Papaya Pudding.. This was first tried by my friend Sandhya {who is the one to have found this easy recipe of Mishti Doi} and then there was a huge flow of papaya puddings tried and loved by many of my friends.. Now how could the sweet crazy me resist??

                              I instantly bought a huge papaya just to make this pudding and was so very excited.. Finally when my hubby had his noon shift last week {His noon shift = My food experiment days! ;)}, i tried this easy pudding… It just took a few seconds of blending and a couple hours of freezing and lo! My first ever pudding was ready! Just loved the way it came out in perfect shape and went on clicking and clicking..

                                      After my hubby reached back from work, we had our first taste test and Omg! it was super delicious… As the papaya was fresh and sweet, it enhanced the flavors of the pudding and the little bites of tutti frutti made it a heavenly delight.. Once made, i guarantee you that all your papayas are going to be made into puddings..

So why wait?? Buy papaya and try out this delicious pudding! Happy and Healthy Cooking!! Thanks Sandhya for your amazing recipe… A definite keeper of a recipe!

Health Benefits of Papaya: Protection against heart disease, Promotes digestive health, Supports Immune system, Protection against rheumatoid arthritis.. {Source: whfoods}


Ingredients: {Makes 2 medium size Puddings}
4 Cups {peeled and cored}* Papaya cubes
2 Tbsp Milk Powder/ Milk
4 Tbsp Sugar
1 tsp Vanilla Essence
Tutti frutti for garnish

*Peel the skin along with the light yellow outer layer completely and add only the pulp… Else the pudding can turn slightly bitter..

1. Add 1/2 of the papaya cubes{2 cups} along with milk,sugar and vanilla essence in a blender..

2. Blend to a smooth puree..

3. Now add the rest 2 cups of papaya cubes and blend to a smooth puree..
4. Pour into a bowl..

5. Refrigerate covered for 2 to 3 hours..

6. Using a knife,slowly loosen the edges of the pudding..

7. Invert on to a plate..

8. Garnish with tutti frutti..
Serve immediately as it is or with ice cream!
Note: Since some varieties of papayas turn slightly bitter after blending, do try the pudding with small quantities of papayas {maybe 2 cups} first..

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