Paneer & Veggies Coriander Masala


Have i told you? Paneer is my family favorite! Right from me to my mom to my hubby to my bro and even my lil nephew and niece are huge fans of this soft bundle of yumminess… So when i came across this recipe by my friend Lakshmi Rajesh Shenoy, i did not think twice before trying it out.. The words “Paneer”, “Veggies”, “Coriander” just flashed back at me and i was sure this was going to be one healthy recipe..

And i was true.. As i further read the ingredient list, it had all healthy ingredients going to be combined into a yummy masala… The masala was like a super wow in itself with a wonderful aroma of freshness… I am definitely going to try out this gravy with a variety of veggies and i am sure it will taste yummy too..

So if you are in look out for some good paneer recipes, then this is definitely one among them.. I also suggest  Paneer Tawa Masala , Palak Paneer and Matar Paneer , all three of which are my favorites and healthy with fresh ingredients too..

I thank Lakshmi for her wonderful recipe…Do try this dish and you are sure to not forget the yummy flavor.. Happy and Healthy Cooking!!

Health Benefits of Paneer/Cottage Cheese: Good Source of Calcium, If eaten in moderation, Paneer is associated with lower body weight and reduced risk of developing insulin resistance syndrome, Good source of Protein,Prevents Stomach disorders, Helps in lower back and joint pain…
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Health Benefits of Coriander Leaves: Aids Digestion, Great source of Vitamins and Minerals, Acts as Anti Oxidant for a healthy body, Helps in reduction of fats leading to weight loss, Raw and fresh coriander leaves reduces sugar levels..


1 Cup Paneer/Cottage cheese cubes
1 Cup Mixed Vegetables of your choice (I added Mushrooms and Green peas, you could add carrot,potato,cauliflower,beans,etc)
1/2 Cup Curd/ Yogurt (Optional!)
1 tsp Turmeric Powder
1 tsp Red Chilli Powder
1 Tbsp Garam Masala Powder
1/2 Tbsp Oil
Salt to taste

For the Masala:
1 Onion [to be fried in 1 tsp oil]
10 sprigs Coriander Leaves
5-6 Mint Leaves/Pudina
3 Garlic cloves
1/2 inch piece of Ginger
3 Green Chillies

1. Roughly chop the onion and fry in 1 tsp oil till slightly translucent.. Allow it to cool..

2. Add roughly chopped garlic,ginger,green chillies,mint leaves and coriander leaves in a blender..

3. Add the fried onions to it..

4. Blend to a smooth puree adding little water..

5. Heat oil in a kadai/pan and add the ground paste..

6. Add turmeric,red chilli and garam masala powders along with salt and fry well till it loses its rawness..

7. Add mushrooms and mix well.. Cook uncovered for 5 mins till the mushrooms turn tender..

8. Add paneer and green peas and mix well..

9. Cook uncovered for two mins more..

10.Remove from flame and allow it to cool..
11. Add curd and mix well…

Serve with hot rice or rotis.. Enjoy!!


* Paneer can also be substituted by Soya chunks/Potato..
* I have written curd as optional because i tasted the gravy without it and it tasted yummy then too.. So no worries if you want to skip it..
* I have added frozen green peas.. If you are using fresh then add along with the mushrooms so that they cook well..

Hello, I am Mitha.Join me in my journey of healthy eating with my foodie of a husband and an equally foodie toddler. This site is a collection of recipes that we loved so much that we had to share it. Enjoy cooking with these healthy-easy-delicious recipes!

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