Paanak – Desi Style Lemonade

                                                        It has been long since I have been thinking of posting this here being my favorite drink but I guess I have been busy posting idlis and more idlis(haha!).. So finally wishing good bye to idlis and back to a cool, refreshing and healthy drink.. Even though this drink is made during Ram Navami (The birthday of Lord Rama) in temples and even at homes, I make this quite often to get a once-in-a-while break from fruit juices.
                                                        Although the ones made in temples have a wonderful flavor that cannot be compared with, the homemade ones too turn out super good.. It is a very easy to make drink and very healthy as the main ingredient is jaggery (My fav, of course!).. I make a big jar of this drink at one go so that it can last for 2 days but it has never lasted that long (Actually doesn’t even last for 2 hours!)..

                                                        This recipe is very well known to my Konkani friends as they make it at least once a year for sure during the festival… So this one is for those who don’t know about this wonder drink yet. Do try this without any doubts in your mind as you are going to enjoy this for sure!!

Health Benefits of Jaggery: Ability to cleanse the body, Acts as a digestive agent, Provides good amounts of minerals, Healthy substitute for sugar..

Health Benefits of Lemon Juice: Contains Phytonutrients with Antioxidant and Antibiotic effects, Contains high level of Vitamin C which can combat fevers and infections, cures sore throat and asthma problems, Acts as a tonic for liver and contributes to food digestion, Flushes out toxins and bacteria from the body..
[Info source: Livestrong]


3/4 to 1 Cup Jaggery
Juice from 1 Lemon (Indian Variety)*
1 tsp Pepper Powder/ to taste
1 tsp Dry Ginger Powder/ Freshly grated Ginger
A pinch of Cardamom Powder
Tulsi/Holy Basil leaves (Optional but gives an amazing flavor)

*Half a lemon if using the large yellow variety

1. Heat a pan with little water in it and add jaggery. Allow it to melt.

2. Sieve the mixture and keep it aside to cool. Add around 1 to 2 Cups water or depending on your sweetness. (Add 1 Cup first and then add 1/2 Cup at a time checking the level of sweetness.)

3.Add lemon juice,pepper powder, grated ginger,cardamom powder, tulsi and mix well.

4.Refrigerate for 2 to 3 hours.

Serve Chilled!

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