Naarangi Shorba – Orange flavored Pumpkin Carrot soup

                                                            The husband is all into trying variety recipes with Pumpkin and picks up one each time we do grocery shopping. My usual is this Pumpkin Upkari, tawa fry and fiber chutney which I have blogged about long time back. Seriously, I did not know what else could be made with this gorgeous looking veggie and was scratching my head over cakes and dessert recipes found during his google searches. Pumpkin “cake”?? The unimaginable cake would cross over my head and off the pumpkin would go into the upkari.

                                                            This continued for some time before Kudpi Raj maam posted a Pumpkin soup made by his wife. Our eyes {and ears} immediately perked up at the delicious looking soup and I asked him for the recipe. He being a nice and helpful man, asked his wife and typed the detailed recipe for us. He also mentioned that his wife had got it from a Sanjeev Kapoor recipe book.
The recipe was so easy that I tried it instantly and it came out excellent. The flavors are new and so interesting that you cannot stop slurping the soup. Also this is a quick and healthy one pot meal for the family. My hubby loved it a lot and hope the Pumpkin fever in him comes down with this. 😉 I thank Meena mai and Kudpi maam for sharing the recipe with us. This soup is a welcome change in flavors from the regular soups.

For those of you who are yet to know this great man, Kudpi Raj maam is an experienced cook and a perfectionist who blogs at Kudpiraj’s Garam Tawa. You can find delicious and unique recipes along with his amazing experiences on the blog. Do “like” his blog facebook page to remain updated on his interesting posts.

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Health benefits of Pumpkin: Makes you feel fuller as it is fiber rich; thus aiding weight loss, keeps eyesight sharp, reduces cancer risk, good for the skin, boosts the immune system.

Health Benefits of Carrots: Contains Anti Oxidant nutrients, Cardiovascular benefits, Good for your vision, Anti Cancer Benefits..

Health Benefits of Orange:  Contains healing phytonutrients, Excellent source of Vitamin C, Heart healthy, Lowers cholesterol, Reduced risk of colon cancer..


RECIPE: {Serves 4}

2 Cups peeled and chopped Red Pumpkin/ Kaddu in hindi
1 Cup peeled and chopped Carrot
1 medium sized Onion, chopped
3 to 4 Green chillies
1 Cup fresh Orange juice
Salt to taste
1 tsp Pepper powder or to taste
A dollop of Butter (or fresh cream)
Few sprigs of Coriander leaves, finely chopped

1. Boil the pumpkin cubes along with carrot, onion and green chillies in very little water {approx 1 Cup}.

2. Open cook for a minute. Then, cover and cook for a couple of minutes till the veggies turn soft.

3. Keep aside to cool.

4. Blend in a mixer till it turns a smooth paste.

5. Now pour in the same bowl along with a cup of water. Add salt and allow the mixture to come to a boil.
6. Now reduce heat and pour fresh orange juice. Simmer for 5 minutes.

7. Add pepper powder, butter or cream and coriander leaves. Mix and remove from flame.

Serve hot with soup sticks or pan fried bread pieces.

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