Mixed Beans & Brown Rice Dosa

Back to my favorite Dosa!! They are so tempting that i tend to make them quite often.. And when i do, i want to try variations to suit both our taste buds and of course my dear blog.. Blog writing has made my brain run so much more that i even think of recipes while i dream (Yes.. I do remember my dreams after i wake up.. Lucky me!)..So here is another dosa which is not only healthy and tasty but also a protein packed one with the nutrition of beans and brown rice..

                   It so happened that i once uploaded my Mixed Lentils Dosa in a food group and one of my friends asked if the dosa was made from lentils or beans.. That struck an idea that i could try a dosa with mixed beans too.. So last weekend when i planned to try a variety dosa, i searched for a mixed beans dosa recipe.. I was lucky enough to find this recipe from chefinyou which not only had mixed beans in it but also brown rice.. *Double benefits*

The best part of this recipe is that no fermentation is required and is an instant one provided you remember to soak the previous night… The dosa in itself is so filling that i felt full eating one as compared to three of the normal dosa.. The flavors of all the beans in this dosa makes it a very unique but tasty treat..

So do try it out if you are a lover of dosas and love variations in them too.. This dosa is also a boon if you have leftover beans and want to finish them off… Just soak all the leftover beans and rice, grind them and instantly make a beautiful dosa.. Dip it in yummy chutney and you are all ready for the day!

Health Benefits of Kidney beans: Good source of Cholesterol lowering fiber,Great for the digestive system, Lowers blood sugar levels, Provides fat free High quality Protein, Lowers Heart Attack risk, Contains Iron and Manganese for energy..

Health Benefits of Black Eyed Peas: Being high in Fiber content they help regulate the digestive system,maintains the cholesterol levels and keeps you full longer thus helps in weight control.. Contains Potassium which maintains blood pressure,Low in fat and Calories, Great source of Protein and contains Iron which is important for your diet to prevent anemia..

Health Benefits of Soybean: High Protein Content,Contains all eight essential Amino acids,Low in fat with no cholesterol,Excellent source of Fiber,Contains Isoflavones beneficial in reducing risk of Cancer, heart disease and osteoporosis..

Health Benefits of Brown Rice: Excellent source of Manganese for energy production and Anti Oxidant Protection, Fiber rich food leading to weight loss, Rich in Selenium which reduces the risk of colon cancer, Lower Cholesterol,Significant Cardiovascular benefits for post menopausal women,Reduces risk of metabolic syndrome..
Info source: whfoods


Adapted from: chefinyou

1 Cup Mixed Beans (I used kidney beans, soybeans, black eyed beans and green gram..You can use a mixture of all beans/ A 15 mixed bean mix bag)
1 Cup Brown Rice
1/2 Cup Urad Dal
1/4 tsp Fenugreek seeds/Methi
1/2 inch piece of Ginger
A pinch of Asafoetida/Hing
A sprig of Curry Leaves
Salt to taste
Oil for cooking the dosa

1. Wash well and soak both the beans with urad dal and methi & the rice separately with sufficient water overnight or for 8 hours..
Note: Soak the beans in water at least 4 times their quantity as they will swell overnight..

2. Grind the beans+urad dal+methi mixture with little water to a smooth paste.. Pour it in a vessel..

3. Grind rice with ginger,hing and curry leaves and little water in the same blender to a smooth paste.. Pour it to the same vessel..
Note: The consistency of the resultant batter should be thicker than normal dosa batter.. So DONT add a lot of water while grinding..

4. Add salt and mix both the batters well with a ladle..

5. Heat a pan and add a tsp of oil.. Pour a ladle full of batter on it and spread it into a thick dosa..

6. Cover and cook on medium flame for about a minute or so till the top surface is cooked..

7. Flip and cook for another minute..

8. Remove from flame and serve hot with a chutney of your choice!

Hello, I am Mitha.Join me in my journey of healthy eating with my foodie of a husband and an equally foodie toddler. This site is a collection of recipes that we loved so much that we had to share it. Enjoy cooking with these healthy-easy-delicious recipes!

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