Microwave Mango Coconut Ladoos | Quick Ladoo Recipe

Yeah! Ladoos this time… Finally taking a much needed break from idlis and dosas.. It was my mom-dads 25th wedding anniversary yesterday and when i heard the dessert list on their menu, i was obviously Jealous.. 🙁 Stomach was rumbling for a “dose” of ladoo {not that i minded gobbling any other sweet!} and was suddenly reminded of the mango pulp i had bought with great zeal to try something new…. “Wake up Mitha” said my still rumbling tummy… 😉

                          I now combined mango pulp with ladoo in my thoughts and set out to search for some quick treat with it… Was so happy to find so many mango ladoos tried by fellow bloggers and found the quickest one which was a microwave version…. Wow! I was too excited.. After a successful microwave sweet making session with Til ki burfi {sesame seed burfis} , i just could not wait to try my hands on this one.. Even though it had desiccated coconut as its main ingredient which i don’t consider healthy at all, i decided to go ahead as i just could not resist the super easy recipe..

                         And before i knew it, i was making soft and delicious ladoos & my dear husband {how can i forget him?? My mom always says, your recipe stories are never complete without him!} was hovering over me like a honey bee asking me if i had forgotten that he was my personal “Taste tester”.. So quickly made two baby ladoos and gobbled them up together.. Wow wow wow!!!! We just could not believe the extent of deliciousness…. Each bite into it was giving me the heavenly taste of mangoes along with the chewiness of coconut… My hubby asked me to quickly finish clicking so that he could gobble some more..
                        At the end of the day, i was really happy that i could make something new {at least for me} with the pulp i had bought and could dedicate it to my parents on their day… I did send some clicks to mom and she was very happy to enjoy the virtual treat.. So why are you waiting.. Make these delicious ladoos and enjoy gobbling them with your family.. 🙂
If you are more of a Burfi person, you could try the super delicious Coconut Burfi too!!

Inspired fromPriya’s Versatile Recipes
{Have made changes to the measurements to suit our taste buds and make it a tad healthier..}

Ingredients: {Makes around 15 medium sized ladoos}
2 Cups desiccated Coconut/ Coconut Powder*
3/4 Cup sweetened Mango Pulp {Can also use fresh mango pulp}
1/4 Cup sweetened Condensed Milk
1 tsp Butter/ Ghee
1 tsp Cardamom Powder

*Coconut powder is the one which is of flaky variety or coarse and not completely powdered ones.. If using freshly grated ones, dry roast it till all the moisture evaporates and powder it coarsely..

1. Take a wide microwave safe bowl and add the desiccated coconut, mango pulp,condensed milk,butter and cardamom powder…

2. Mix well with a spatula till everything combines together..

3. Microwave on HIGH / MAX for 3 mins…

4. Remove and give a good mix..

5. Repeat the same  2 to 3 times more till everything mixes well and you get a soft but well combined mixture..
Note: Total microwave time is 12 mins taking break and mixing every 3 mins.. When 9 mins are up, check if the mixture can be made into ladoos… If so, no need to microwave again..

6. Allow it to cool slightly..

7. When it is warm enough, take a portion of the mixture in your greased palm and shape them into medium sized balls..
Notes: 1. The mixture should NOT cool completely… It should be warm so that you can shape them well..
2. If the mixture is too soft, you can add extra coconut powder, a tsp at a time till you can make ladoos properly..

8. Place them in an air tight container… They stay good on the counter for almost a week {If they last, that is! ;)}

Enjoy these quick homemade ladoos with your family and friends!!
Note: You can make this on stove top too… Mix everything in a thick bottomed pan and cook on medium flame.. Keep mixing on regular intervals till the mixture leaves the sides of the pan and combines well..Check my Coconut Burfi  and Carrot Rava Ladoo recipes for more idea on the stove top method….

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