Matar Paneer [with freshly ground masala]

Last week, when i soaked dry peas for kurma, i soaked them too much and had to keep some aside in fridge to use in some other curry.. I did not know what this “other curry” was and i kept thinking which one to make.. It was around half a cup… So i could not make a peas only curry.. If i add potatoes, my hubby won’t like it… I did not have fenugreek leaves for Alu Methi.. So the final choice was Matar Paneer for which i got a BIG nod from my hubby as he is a huge fan of Paneer (and so am i!)..

                Then began recipe hunting… Since i did not remember when i had prepared it last and had not bookmarked any recipes,i knew it was a tough task ahead.. Kept searching in various sites but found all of them similar using all kinds of spice powders.. I wanted something with fresh ingredients and an easy version.. Finally giving up, i went for my recipe books.. The first one my hands reached was the Jaya V Shenoy recipe book..

I found her version of matar paneer recipe and was so happy that finally it was something worth giving a try.. While reading the list of ingredients for the masala, i could already get its aroma (Haha! I know i am crazy!).. Anyhow, with loads of enthusiasm i gave it a try and i am very happy to say that it came out really well.. This version of matar paneer is very healthy as compared to the restaurant ones as they contain lesser oil and made with fresh ingredients..

I am also happy to say that three of my sweethearts have reviewed this recipe.. One is my husband who loved it very much.. Second is my mom who tried it substituting paneer for potatoes and she said everyone at home loved it too.. Third is my bro in law.. He tried it himself and said it was awesome.. So finally i am very much satisfied and thought of sharing this recipe with all of you too…

Health Benefits of Paneer/Cottage Cheese: Good Source of Calcium, If eaten in moderation, Paneer is associated with lower body weight and reduced risk of developing insulin resistance syndrome, Good source of Protein,Prevents Stomach disorders, Helps in lower back and joint pain…  
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Adapted from the book: “Dakshin Bharat Dishes” by Jaya V Shenoy

1/2 Cup Paneer /Cottage Cheese Cubes (If using frozen, keep covered in hot water for 30 minutes)
1/2 Cup Green peas (Dry/ Frozen) (If using dry, soak overnight and pressure cook till soft)
1/2 Onion
1 Tomato
1 Tbsp Red Chilli Powder (Optional)
1/2 Tbsp Garam Masala Powder
1 tsp Turmeric Powder
1 Tbsp Oil
Salt to taste

For the Masala:
1/2 Onion
3 cloves of Garlic
1 inch piece of Ginger
5-6 cashews
3 Green Chillies
5 sprigs Cilantro/Coriander leaves

1.Get all ingredients for the masala ready..

2.Grind along with little water to a smooth paste..Keep aside..

3. Heat oil in a pan and add chopped onion..

4.Add the ground masala and fry well till the oil leaves the sides..

5.Add chopped tomato and fry for a minute or so.. Add boiled/ frozen green peas..

6.Add turmeric,garam masala powders and salt and mix well..
Note: Check for the spiciness levels as we have already added green chillies in the masala.. If required add red chilli powder..

7.Add the paneer pieces and mix well..

8.Cook covered for 2 minutes so that the gravy blends well..
9.Remove from flame and serve hot with rotis or rice..

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