Mango Granita | Sugar free

                                                        Since a couple of weeks, all i can see in fb are Mango recipes and more Mango recipes.. It seems it is Mango season now.. Why “it seems”? Because i am very bad at recognizing seasons for various fruits and veggies.. I buy when i see them at the market and don’t realize if they are in season or not.. Do you find that weird or stupid of me? haha.. I am sure at least some of you must be the same.. Anyhow, when my hubby saw his “Mango filled” fb newsfeed, he could not resist buying some for his wife’s blog.. And we sat down for some quick recipe hunt!

                                                         After the delicious Fruit & Yogurt Parfait, we knew we had to just browse through some international recipes to find the perfect one.. Have you ever noticed there are so many healthy dessert options with fruits worldwide? And some of them are so easy with very few ingredients that makes you want to jump out instantly to try it…. Bookmarked many and sharing one today.. Mango Granita- A three ingredient, easy to make, sugar free, super delicious and refreshing Italian frozen dessert..

                                                               Its easy to describe the texture and flavors of Granita if you have tasted {or rather had a chuski}of the Mumbaiyya Gola… Granita is shattered Gola in a bowl! Hope you have got the idea… Sweet-Sour refreshing flavors reawakened! Am i being melodramatic? 😀

                                                              Btw i am enjoying my DSLR now and these are few of my clicks as a beginner.. Hope you like it! Practicing high time to get to the perfect level.. 🙂 Anyhow you guys try out this amazing Granita this Mango season {Hope i am not late!!} and enjoy the summers.. Happy and Healthy Cooking!!

Health Benefits of Mango: Prevents Cancer, Lowers Cholesterol, Clears the Skin, Promotes good eyesight, Alkalizes the whole body, Improves Digestion, Remedy for heat stroke, Boosts the immune system..

RECIPE: {Makes 4-5 servings}

Adapted fromrawified

2 Mangoes {I used Alphonso, any sweet variety would do}
1 Orange
1 Lemon/ Lime
3 Tbsp Honey {Optional, if the mix is not sweet enough; Check Step 2}

1. Peel and roughly chop mangoes and add in a blender.. Sieve in Orange and lemon juice..

2. Blend to a smooth puree..
Note: Now do a taste test of this puree.. If you find it less sweet as per your taste, add in the honey.. Give a good mix..

3. Pour into a freezer safe, deep dish..

4. Freeze for 6 hours while removing every 2 hours and giving a mix with the fork and freezing back..

5. Scoop out individual portions and serve with fruits of your choice or as it is..

Hello, I am Mitha.Join me in my journey of healthy eating with my foodie of a husband and an equally foodie toddler. This site is a collection of recipes that we loved so much that we had to share it. Enjoy cooking with these healthy-easy-delicious recipes!

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