Mango Banana Yogurt Gelato

Most of the times in Healthy Cooking with Mitha , the “recipe hunt” job is taken up by my dear foodie of a husband… He loves to google search, read out recipes, show me excellent pics taken by fellow bloggers (which makes me Super J!) and inspire me (his lazy wife) to blog more.. But there are times when I (the blogger) gets lucky too.. This delicious Mango Banana Yogurt Gelato was found on such a day when I hit the jackpot of a recipe..

                                    It was one of those nights being a mommy when i was wide awake at 3 am and Ashritha was fast asleep.. Yes, you heard it right.. She was sleeping.. Then what was I doing?? Unfortunately, the famous advice of “Sleep when the baby sleeps”does not work for me always.. There are times when i want to catch some sleep and she is in mood for her roller coaster rides (Yes, she rolls over now!) & there are those days when she sleeps well but i have slept so much that i can’t sleep again.. I found this recipe on one of the latter days..
Obviously when i could not sleep, fb browsing was the only pastime (At 3 am, remember!).. There were huge loads of Mango recipes (Mango lassi, Mango phirni, Milkshake and what not….. Mango rocks during its season!) Suddenly, Mango Banana Yogurt Gelato from Nandita’s space caught my attention.. Just 3 ingredients, sugarless, low fat, easy to make, healthy and finally a Donna Ray recipe!! Did i need more reasons to try it out?? I quickly saw the video by Donna she had linked to.. And can you believe i tried it the very next day… My excitement when it turned out wonderful cannot be expressed in words!!

A beautiful click by the Husband!! 🙂

Gelato is actually the Italian version of our favorite ice cream but lighter in texture.. There are many recipes of Gelato but this one is surely the healthiest as it uses two fruits and yogurt.. That’s it! So do try this recipe and enjoy this frozen dessert with your loved ones.. Do check out the important notes at the end of the recipe to get the perfect Yogurt Gelato..

Health Benefits of Mango: Prevents Cancer, Lowers Cholesterol, Clears the Skin, Promotes good eyesight, Alkalizes the whole body, Improves Digestion, Remedy for heat stroke, Boosts the immune system..

Health Benefits of Banana: Cardiovascular protection from Potassium and Fiber, Soothing Protection from Ulcers, Contains Pectin which helps ease constipation, Protects Eyesight, Good for the bones,Promotes Kidney Health and also a great source of calories for weight watchers..


Adapted from: “Fast, Fresh and Simple” by Donna Hay
{video link}

Ingredients: (Makes approx 8 scoops)
1 Mango, ripe
2 Bananas, ripe
1 Cup thick Yogurt/ Curd (can use hung curd too)

Garnish – Saffron strands or fruit pieces or anything you like

1. Chop the mangoes (or extract pulp if over ripe) and bananas & freeze them separately in freezer proof boxes for 3 to 4 hours..

2. Blend the frozen fruits with yogurt to a smooth puree..

3. Freeze the puree in a freezer proof box (or in a glass dish covered with foil like how i did) for an hour or so..**check important notes 

4. Scoop out individual servings and serve immediately..

Enjoy this Yogurt Gelato guilt free!!

Even though the recipe is easy, there are few important notes i would like to share:
* The original recipe uses 3 mangoes and 2 long variety bananas but i used 1 mango and 2 small Indian bananas as I was making the dessert for just the two of us.. You can increase the quantity as per requirement..
* The puree should not be freezed for long as the surface tends to crystallize and you get ice shavings in between the creamy Gelato scoops (Its yummy for some, so your choice here!).. After an hour, check if the Gelato can be scooped out.. If not, freeze back and check every half hour..
* If you are in for a photo session with the Gelato, do so quickly as it melts very fast..

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