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                                 Breakfast is the most important meal of our day and we never skip it.. We are so serious about breakfast that even if we wake up lunch time (baby?? No. lazy?? Yes.), we still eat breakfast instead of lunch.. 😉 The three of us (Yes, our 9 month old has taken after us and loves her dosas and upmas!) enjoy our breakfast together everyday..

We also have a kind of time table for breakfast nowadays as I rarely get to experiment much (all thanks to my brain which has all baby things at priority and recipes somewhere last in the line).. Idli, Dosa, Upma, Poha , Instant Rava Idli, Instant Cucumber dosa, Rava Tomato bath top this time table which are super quick to make and also healthy, filling & lipsmacking.. Along with all of these, there is this Sabudana dosa which I make always but never really got a chance to blog about..

I got the recipe from my friend Jayashri and this dosa has become my saviour at many lunch and dinner times since this is easy to assemble, keeps tummy full and is super delicious.. My lil A loves this dosa very much too and that makes it even more special! Thanks Jayashri for this awesome recipe!

Btw I have decided to blog slightly more often now.. No prizes for guessing, all thanks to my nagging (I say!)/inspiring (he says!) husband who I guess is either fed up of my time table breakfast and hopes to get to hog new delicacies atleast on pretext of the blog or is trying to put up the DSLR he bought me for my first blogoversary to some use.. 😀

Hubby’s click! These delicious dosas were enjoyed  on a rainy weekend morning..  🙂

Anyhow have some quick and healthy breakfast options lined up to blog and hope to be back soon.. Try and enjoy this delicious breakfast for your weekend and you will definitely keep making it again and again!

Health Benefits of Sago seeds/Sabudana: Used in combination with rice as a herbal remedy to cool the body for ailments resulting from too much heat… Also low in fat and a low calorie meal option…
RECIPE: (Makes 5 to 6 dosas)

1 Cup Sago pearls/ Sabudana {The small variety}*
1 Cup Semolina / Rava
1 1/4 Cup Water (approx to make the batter)
1/4 Cup grated Coconut (Optional)
3 Green chillies ( 2, if you want it mildly spiced)
2 Tbsp chopped Coriander leaves
1 Tbsp Cumin seeds / Jeera
1 Tbsp Sugar
Salt to taste

P.S: I make this dosa oil free but you could add oil while frying the dosas if you wish!

1. Wash the Sabudana well two to three times till the water turns clear.. Now soak the sabudana in just enough water to cover the pearls and keep aside..
P.S: Do NOT add large quantity of water as the pearls turn into paste..

2. After 10 mins, the sabudana would have absorbed all the water.. Now fluff the pearls with a fork and sprinkle some more water over it (approx 1/4 Cup).. Keep aside for 20 mins more or till the sago pearls turn soft and can be mashed between your fingers..
*For the large variety of sago pearls, you have to soak overnight..
P.S: I do the above steps at night and refrigerate the soaking pearls..

3. Add  1 Cup Rava to the soaked sabudana..

4. Add 1 Cup water and mix well..

5. Now add coconut, green chillies, coriander leaves, jeera, salt and sugar.. Mix well..

6. If the mixture looks dry, add around 1/4 Cup water more and mix..

7. Heat a dosa griddle and pour a ladle of batter.. Shape the dosa by pressing from behind the ladle..

8. Cover and cook for a minute or till the top portion looks cooked..

9. Flip and cook for a minute more..

10. Remove from flame..

Enjoy as it is or with butter or with a dip of your choice!

Hello, I am Mitha.Join me in my journey of healthy eating with my foodie of a husband and an equally foodie toddler. This site is a collection of recipes that we loved so much that we had to share it. Enjoy cooking with these healthy-easy-delicious recipes!

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