Instant Ragi Idli

                                                        It had been long since I made anything with Ragi as I thought my toddler would not like the flavor. But ever since I read it is really good for their growing bones, the mommy in me decided to give it a try and there came a packet of ragi powder into my kitchen. But what recipe was I going to make with it was still not decided. That’s when my dear friend Renuka came in. She has been following a healthy diet since few months and the change in her is amazing. The weight loss is evident and she tells me she feels really refreshed and energetic. The things good food does to our body is something to be experienced. I have so much to learn from her.

                                                        While discussing food (our main topic always :D), she told me she made instant idlis with ragi and it tasted so yum that her kids loved it very much. Her kids too pinged into our conversation and told me “Yes Aunty! We loved Ragi idlis!”. So there I went trying idlis with Ragi flour just the way I make my Instant Oats Idlis and we all loved it too. My little girl was reminded of Chocolate cake and kept asking for more “choco cake” all day. 😀

                                                          So do try these idlis and I am sure you will love it too. We did not feel any bitterness from the ragi powder maybe due to the addition of curd in the batter. It also turned out soft and went well with simple coconut chutney.

Health Benefits of Ragi:   Ragi is rich in Calcium , helps in weight loss, source of rich Fiber and helps lower cholesterol ,Good for diabetes patients and also has a cooling effect on the body..

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Ingredients: {Makes around 13 to 15 idlis}
1 Cup Ragi or Finger millet powder
1 Cup Rava/ Semolina (regular upma rava)
1 Cup Curd
2 tsp Eno fruit salt
Salt to taste

1. Mix rava, ragi powder, curd and salt. Mix well adding approx 1 Cup water. Keep aside.
Note: The amount of water depends on the consistency of curds. Add water little by little to bring the batter to idli batter consistency (Not too thick nor too thin).

2. Keep the water to heat in a idli steamer and grease the idli plates with oil.
3. Add eno fruit salt to the batter and mix once in clockwise direction.

4. Add a spoonful of batter to each of the idli moulds.

5. Steam for around 15 mins. Do not steam for long as the idlis may turn hard.
6. Poke with knife and see if done. Allow the idlis to cool.

7. Remove using a knife or back of a spoon.
Enjoy with a spicy chutney or sambar!

Hello, I am Mitha.Join me in my journey of healthy eating with my foodie of a husband and an equally foodie toddler. This site is a collection of recipes that we loved so much that we had to share it. Enjoy cooking with these healthy-easy-delicious recipes!

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