Fruit & Yogurt Parfait | Celebrating 1 year of Blogging with the easiest Dessert ever!

                                                         “1 Year of Blogging already??”, I wondered as my first post of Ragi Malpua stared back at me.. Some weeks back, when my husband asked the anniversary date, I showed him my best frown face thinking he had forgotten our wedding day.. He read my face and said “Blog Anniversary goh (A Konkani style of referring a girl) !”.. The wife in me was not convinced as I knew {or rather thought} that the blog anniversary was far far away.. Now that is when a quick check happened on my first post date and I realized there was just a month or so left for 24th MayMy First Blogoversary!
                                                           Within a week, all the frown face was long forgotten with the announcement that my hubby was planning to gift me something which I was craving for since long – A DSLR!! {Yes, he is too sweet to be true!} After consulting few fellow bloggers and hours of internet research, we finally bought a Nikon D 5100.. Here is the first look! 🙂 

                                                             After my initial days of cold feet towards the camera, as I started exploring various options with it, it was really fun.. The picture clarity too when compared to my previous camera Sony Cybershot {my first baby and a true companion} was so good that it made him happy and satisfied that he had made the right choice of gift for me.. And me?? I became busy clicking,clicking and clicking! Here are some glimpses into my world…

Now that I had the perfect camera, I needed a perfect recipe too for my 1st Blog Bday.. We again sat hours searching for it and finalized many healthy cake recipes.. But something in me was not satisfied at all.. I wanted something totally hatke {different} this time.. Which I had unheard and never made… Then the search began for healthy international desserts where my eyes fell on these gorgeous looking Parfaits… After going through a few recipes I realized that cream could definitely be substituted with the healthier {and my fav!} Yogurt and with the addition of fruits & nuts, was there a healthier dessert you could find?? {Please let me know if you could! 😉 } And to top it all, Parfaits were so pretty… Kept fingers crossed over mine!                                                

                                                           My hubby who has been the greatest support ever since I started this blog became the designer for these clicks… He actually sacrificed his precious noon time nap {and he had a night shift at work that day} just to be with me while making and clicking the parfaits.. This click is a natural one I clicked when he was busy arranging the props.. 
He was not going to be left far behind with clicks too.. Here is one among them.. 
                                                                     Now that I have shared my DSLR and Parfait story, I would like to share with you some happy moments in the past one year as a blogger and also some recipes which were loved much more than the rest.. Thank you my dear readers for all the support and love you have been showering upon me.. It is truly overwhelming!

Happy Moments #1 : When my mom said “I am not sad now that you do not work in spite of being an Engineer as the love and respect you are getting due to your blog makes me Proud of you! Excellent work!” Dad also repeated the same words some time back which made my eyes fill with tears of joy..

Happy Moments #2 : Every moment when someone tries my recipe and posts them saying they loved it.. I would especially take the names of my Aunt, Shobha Shenoy and my cousins, Priya Bhandarkar and Gud di who even though are great cooks themselves have tried the simplest of my recipes and encouraged me the most by doing so.. Thanking them wholeheartedly!

Happy Moments #3 
: Encouragement through praises is something which I was blessed enough to get in large numbers.. Every such moment was the happiest one! The first among those encouraging souls is my Aunt, Anita Pai who was the reason i even started a blog and was the one to teach me the basics of photography.. Another person is my Uncle, Narasimha Nayak {Yes, I have many aunties,uncles and cousins who are true sweethearts!} who has been like a backbone throughout my blogging journey.. Every conversation with him is filled with words of appreciation and encouragement that i sit to post a new recipe soon after that.. Thank you Anita mai and Narasimha mamu for being there!

Happy Moments #4 : All moments in my favorite fb group KKAJ.. This group has given me so much that i can never repay all my life.. The Admin Usha Bhat along with many friends have been very helpful and encouraging.. Most of the recipes in this blog have been got from the talented members there.. I always say “My blog would never have done so well if not for KKAJ!”

Happy Moments #5 : Every “Like” on my fb page has been very overwhelming.. I would like to thank all the 900+ people who have liked my page without me having to ask for it.. Along with that, every single page view which finally reached a Lakh last month and is now closer to 1.5 lakh has also been super encouraging.. Thanks to each one of you who have checked out my recipes!

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My Favorite Recipes:

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Now that i have shared with you all my happy moments, here is my recipe for today, Fruit & Yogurt Parfait.. You can have it as a healthy dessert or even for a filling make ahead breakfast.. Enjoy! Happy and Healthy Cooking!!


Ingredients: {Makes two glasses/servings of parfait}
1/2 Cup Yogurt/ Curd
6-8 Almonds, powdered in a dry mixer/ Almond Meal
1 Tbsp Honey
1/4 tsp Vanilla Essence

2 tsp Grape Juice, to line the bottom of the glass {Optional!}

For the Toppings:
1 Mango, peeled and cubed
1 Banana, peeled and diced
5 Walnuts, finely chopped
Few Cashews and Cherries for Garnish

1. Beat yogurt so that it is free from lumps.. Add the almond meal,honey and essence.. Mix well.. Keep aside..

2. Chop Mango, Bananas and walnuts.. Keep aside..

3. Now take a glass {Any tall glass would work but it should be have a wide mouth so that you can spoon in!} and add a tsp of grape juice.. Add in around one Tbsp of the yogurt mix..

4. Line the diced bananas..

5. Add one more layer of the yogurt mix..
6. Layer the mango cubes..

7. Sprinkle the chopped walnuts on top and decorate with cashews and cherries..

8. Refrigerate at least for an hour and serve chilled..

1. The best part about this breakfast/ dessert is that you can make it well ahead of time.. Just refrigerate the glass and serve when desired..
2. All the toppings can be substituted as per your wish.. Any fruits/ nuts can be used..
3. Experiment with various layers and Enjoy!

Hello, I am Mitha.Join me in my journey of healthy eating with my foodie of a husband and an equally foodie toddler. This site is a collection of recipes that we loved so much that we had to share it. Enjoy cooking with these healthy-easy-delicious recipes!

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