Eggless French Toast {Sweet Version}

Eggless French Toast is one of our occasional snack recipes when we have this unbearable ache in our sweet tooth and i am too lazy to do any elaborate cooking… Though i knew this recipe since long, i have been avoiding adding to the blog as it is not one of the healthiest of recipes only because it uses custard powder (which is actually corn flour + vanilla) and corn flour is a refined flour… So no health benefits from it.. But when i see on the larger side, it is always better than those sugary doughnuts or the high-on-calorie pastries which are loaded with harmful calories.. So this toast is a low calorie snack option compared to those but yes! Equally tasty and delicious.. You won’t realize how fast it gets over as soon as you serve.. Believe me! Experience speaks!! 🙂

                                     I had got this recipe during my search for recipes with breads for my husband who loves his evening tea or juice with something tasty and filling each day (Even though he does adjust with Britannia Toasts & Biscuits some days!).. It is during this very search that i had found this Bread Onion Uthappam which is actually a savory version of French toast with an Indian twist to it.. This recipe too is a boon during lazy mornings or evenings when you just want to get out of the kitchen as soon as possible to watch your favorite TV show or spend some time with the family or you are simply lazy without any reason {haha! Like most of my days!}..

So my dear friends, do try out this super yummy french toast and you are sure to love it! Happy and Healthy Cooking!!

Btw, did any one of you notice the new Bachelors Recipes! page on top?? Yes finally i have dedicated a space to all my friends who are still not hitched and are struggling in the kitchen to make a decent meal… Keep checking the space for more updates!! 🙂


Adapted fromSharmisPassions

3 slices Brown Bread
1/4 Cup Milk
1 Tbsp Custard Powder/ Corn Flour
A Drop of any Essence you have {I used Pineapple!}
1/2 Tbsp Sugar
A Pinch of Cardamom Powder {Optional!}
Butter/Ghee to grease the pan

1. Mix custard powder into milk well enough to remove any lumps.. Add essence,sugar and cardamom powder and mix well..

2. Heat a pan and reduce to medium flame.. Grease the pan with Butter/Ghee..
3. Dip the bread into the milk both the sides taking care not to dip more than a fraction of a second..

4. Place on the greased pan over MEDIUM flame and allow it to cook on one side till brown..

5. Slowly flip and cook the other side till brown..

6. Remove from flame..
Serve warm with some Juice and Relax your evening!
1. Take care to stir the milk before every dip as the custard powder tends to settle at the bottom..
2. Grease the pan well with butter/ghee.. Else the bread can stick to the pan.. Use a non stick one for better results..
3. Do not dip the bread for more time.. Just dip once on both sides and take out instantly..Else the bread might absorb more milk and turn soggy..

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