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At my place, Bondi {as we call banana flower in my language, Konkani} was used to make a simple stir fry and a super delicious chutney…. Both were usually made on the same day for lunch and i remember i used to take the largest helping of this chutney and completely ignore the stir fry…. Just a simple meal of rice,rasam and chutney was {and is!} a heavenly meal for me…

                          Even though i had seen the banana flower so many times in the supermarket here, i never had the courage to actually pick it up as i thought it was a tedious job to clean it and use… But last day when i was suddenly fed up with all “normal” veggies like carrot,cabbage,cauliflower,etc etc, i turned to this section of veggies i had never bothered to look at for so long… Finally i had my cart filled with amazing veggies like Banana Flower, Banana stem {Ya! I was going bananas that day!! ;)}, Raw Papaya and Ash gourd… Wasn’t i proud of myself… My hubby had this happy dance {in his mind,of course!} as he knew he was going to have typical konkani meals for the coming week…. 🙂

First veggie to get attacked was Banana flower as i was craving for the chutney… As i reached back, i opened “The Konkani Sarawat Cookbook” if i could get a easy version of this chutney.. After an amazingly easy and lip smacking  Amla/Gooseberry Chutney, i was sure to not get disappointed with this awesome recipe book… And i was Right!! 🙂 🙂

The chutney was done within 10 mins and we were already devouring spoonfuls of it before lunch time..{Actually “salt checking” got converted to “chutney gobbling”} Seriously!! Such a easy and yummy chutney recipe.. Now i am sure to buy more of these tasty flowers to make this delicious Bondi Gojju.. You try and enjoy this chutney too… Happy and Healthy cooking!!

Thanks a lott Asha mai for your wonderful recipe…

Health Benefits of Banana Flower: Good source of Vitamin A & C, Helps increase in Progesterone hormone which reduces excessive bleeding during menstruation, Reduces blood sugar levels, Possesses Anti Oxidant properties…


Adapted from: “The Konkani Saraswat Cookbook” by Asha S Philar

3 – 4 bracts of Banana Flower/Bondi*
3 cloves of Garlic
3 Tbsp grated Coconut
3 Red chillies, roasted in 1 tsp Oil
A pinch of Asafoetida/Hing
Salt to taste
1 tsp Cumin seeds/Jeera, dry roasted
1 tsp Oil, to fry the bracts
*Always discard the outermost bracts of the flower and use only the inner ones..

1. Wash well and finely chop the bracts… Fry the chopped bracts in oil till it changes color…Allow it to cool..

2. Grind the fried bracts along with garlic,coconut,red chillies.hing and salt to a coarse paste..

3. Add the dry roasted cumin seeds and grind for few seconds more… The consistency should be between coarse and smooth…

Serve as a accompaniment with your rice meal or with any variety of Dosa/Idli…

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