Dosekal Pathrode | Spicy Ridge gourd pan fry

Past: Yuck! I hate Ghosale!
After trying Ghosale stir fry and peel chutney: Ghosale is a okay veggie after all!
After trying Dosekal Pathrode: I Love Ghosale!
[*Ghosale is Ridge gourd in Konkani]

                      This is the summary of my story with the ridge gourd.. I am amazed to see how yummy recipes have made me love this simple and healthy veggie… This recipe of pan fried ridge gourd was introduced to me as well as many of my friends in a food group by a well experienced cook , Jayashri Shenoy.. As soon as she shared the recipe, there was a storm of dosekal pathrode pics by all who tried it and loved it very much..

Finally i too gave in and tried it.. I must say we both also loved it a lot.. The batter itself was so aromatic and tasty that i could not resist licking it clean from the blender jar (shhhhh… secret!).. Even the chopping is very easy as all you have to do is cut into thin slices.. No job of removing the peels and then chopping the inside.. Simple cut,cut and cut… *Job Done*

This is for all those who do not like ridge gourd… Do try this recipe (Peel Chutney also!) at least once and you are sure to add this veggie into your shopping cart next time.. Ridge Gourd is not such a bad veggie after all.. As i write this, i have two ridge gourds in my fridge, one waiting to be ‘Dosekal Pathrod-ified’ and the other ‘chutneyfied’… Lol! Happy Cooking!!

Health Benefits of Ridge Gourd: Low Cholesterol and high in dietary fiber, Vitamin C and essential minerals,Excellent cooling effect to the body, Great for weight loss being low on saturated fat..


Adapted fromKai Ruchi

1 Ridge Gourd/ Ghosale ( can use raw plantain or brinjal instead)

To Soak:
1 Cup Rice
1 Tbsp Chana Dal/ Split Bengal gram
1 Tbsp Urad Dal/ Skinned split Black gram
1/4 tsp Fenugreek seeds/Methi

Grind the above with:
3 Tbsp Coconut
6-7 Dry Red Chillies
1 tsp Cumin seeds
1 tsp Coriander seeds
A small lump of Tamarind
1 Tbsp Jaggery
Salt to taste

Oil for pan frying

1. Soak the rice,chana dal,urad dal, methi together after washing well for 4-5 hours..

2. Grind along with coconut, red chillies, cumin seeds, coriander seeds , tamarind, jaggery and salt with little water to a smooth paste..

3. Cut thin circles of the ridge gourd and keep aside..

4. Heat a pan and add drops of oil on it.. Lower the flame to medium..
5. Dip the ridge gourd slices into the batter and keep them together on the pan into any shape you like.
Note: Pour a little of the batter on the top where you see the batter is less..

6. Cover and cook till the outer surface looks cooked..

7.Flip and cook for another minute or so on medium flame..

8.Remove from flame and serve hot along with rice as side dish or as a evening snack..

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