Dal Khichdi | Ready in 15 mins One Pot Meal

Khichdi was in my “should definitely try” list since the day i had it at my friends place.. Had even bought split green gram particularly to make this.. Today i got the opportunity to try it as we were in a mood for a light lunch after a heavy breakfast of Rava Bhakri..So heavy that we were lying like toads after the bf.. After all, haven’t you heard ‘Eat bf like a King and so on’..We were just following that part of the saying.. Lol..

Even though i make Moong Dal Sweet Khichdi whenever we crave for it, savory khichdi was something i had not tried before.. So was all the more excited to try something new for our taste buds as well as the blog.. Since i was in no mood to google search for the recipe, i chose the easy way out, my recipe books of course.. As i opened the book, i found this amazingly easy recipe of khichdi.. No chopping, no extra vessels, no fancy ingredients… Just a simple recipe and a one pot meal.. Was truly flabbergasted..

As i added the seasoning, the famous aroma that i (and of course you might too!) get just left my patience levels come to a screeching halt and i just couldn’t wait more to dig into it… Just got the accessories for the pic ready and quickly took the shots (Even though took around 20 odd clicks and 10 precious mins!).. But everything is worth it when i read the wonderful words you all have for me.. This encouragement keeps me going each day to search, make, click and archive new recipes.. Thank you all my dear readers!!

Ok..Guess i just diverted from my khichdi.. Always happens with me being such a chatterbox.. Anyhow, we had an amazingly comfortable but yummy meal today with the flavorful khichdi with some boondi raitha.. The little crunch in the boondi along with the awesome taste of the khichdi and some yogurt to chill our tummy was all we needed for the day..

So, do try out this yummy khichdi and you are sure to make it again and again during your lazy days.. This Khichdi is very light on the stomach and of course healthy with the goodness of green gram.. Happy Cooking!!

Health Benefits of Moong Dal: Aids in weight loss, Lowers Cholesterol levels,Produce resistance against infectious diseases and promotes heart health..


Adapted from the Book: ‘Rice, Raitha and Rasam’ By Jayashree V Prabhu

1/2 Cup Rice
1/2 Cup Split Green gram/ Split green moong dal (Can use the yellow moong dal too but the split green ones have a yummy taste of its own)
1/2 Tbsp Coriander Powder/Dhaniya Powder
1 tsp Turmeric Powder/Haldi
2 tsp Cumin seeds/Jeera
1 tsp Peppercorns (Coarsely crushed)/ 2 tsp Pepper powder
1/2 Tbsp Oil
Salt to taste

*Original recipe had curry leaves and ghee for seasoning but i did not add them as i did not have.. Both are optional..

1. Wash well and soak the green gram and rice together till use.. I soaked for around 10 mins..Can soak for half an hour if having the time..

2. Meanwhile heat a pressure cooker with oil and add the cumin seeds..Allow it to change colour..

3. Add crushed peppercorns and curry leaves(if adding) and fry for few seconds..

4. Add the rice and green gram and mix well..

5. Add the turmeric and coriander powders and mix well..

6. Add salt and required water (I added a little more than i add for other flavored rice dishes)..

7. Pressure cook on high flame for 4 whistles or as you would normally cook rice till soft..
8. Allow the pressure to release on itself..
Serve hot with raitha or kadhi or a tangy lemon pickle.. Kadhi Recipe is coming soon!!

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