Cherry Yogurt Parfait | Using cherry jaggery compote

After making the Cherry Jaggery Compote, my husband had this brainwave of using it in Yogurt parfait. Even though I was hesitant at first as jaggery and yogurt did not seem a good combo to me. But since he is an expert in recipe ideas, I tried layering the compote with yogurt in a glass.

And as always he proved that he has the sharpest brain as far as finding new recipes are concerned. The parfait turned out so yummy that I am at loss for words. Cherry compote and yogurt are like a match made in heaven. The pieces of cherry gave a nice delicate bite to the creamy yogurt. I also loved how pretty they looked. A perfect make ahead dessert or even as a quick breakfast if layered with a cereal of your choice. My little one also happily enjoyed this parfait as it looked unique to her and was tasty as well.

Hope you all make the cherry compote and then try out this parfait. Happy and healthy cooking!

Health benefits of Cherries: Reduces blood pressure, Eases joint inflammation, Reduces belly fat, Good source of Vitamin C and fibre, Has cancer preventive compounds, Lowers risk of stroke.

Health Benefits of Yogurt : Helps prevent Osteoporosis, With active cultures,they help the gut, Helps you feel full longer, Loaded with Vitamins.


Ingredients: {Makes 1 glass of Parfait}

Step by Step Recipe:

  1. Take yogurt in a bowl and mix well with a spoon to remove lumps. 
  2. Add honey and mix well. 
  3. Keep both the yogurt mix and cherry compote ready. 
  4. Take a glass and alternate layers of cherry compote and yogurt mix. I added 1 Tbsp of cherry compote first followed by 3 Tbsp of yogurt mix, then 1 Tbsp of compote, 3 Tbsp yogurt and finally topped it with a final Tbsp of compote. 
  5. Chill and serve or serve immediately.


  • If you missed out on the cherry compote recipe, here it is: Cherry Jaggery Compote. Compote is a dessert in itself but tastes really yummy in this yogurt parfait.
  • Adding honey to yogurt is optional if you are not much of a sweet lover.
  • Make sure to use thick yogurt which is not too sour for this recipe.
  • Do not add more than a Tbsp of compote for each layer. Else the parfait turns very sweet.
  • You can also add nuts or cornflakes or any cereal in the layer. Makes for a healthy breakfast.
  • Check out this Fruit and Yogurt Parfait that I had made to celebrate my first blogoversary. Parfaits are such easy to make and healthy desserts.

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