Aval Payasam {with Jaggery and Milk}

Today is Janmashtami or the birthday of Lord Krishna…. Though i usually make Semiya Payasam for every festival as it is my hubbys favorite dessert, this time i wanted to make something different… My search landed me to Aval Payasam.. Aval or Poha or Beaten rice, being Lord Krishnas favorite, is an apt dedication for Him on this holy day..

              I am very excited to have found this recipe because it combines jaggery and milk… Yes! You heard it right! Jaggery and milk can indeed be combined in a dessert contrasting my earlier belief that they can never be added together.. But there are some important things to take care of while doing so.. As soon as you add jaggery to boiled milk, you should switch off the flame and not boil the milk more.. Both of them should not be simultaneously on high temperature.. If milk is hot, add jaggery in room temperature and vice versa..

I just finished preparing it and it has come out super good… The soft poha immersed in the creamy milk combined with the natural sweetness of jaggery makes it a wonderful dedication for the Lord… So, if you have still not made any dessert today, try this easy one.. It won’t take more than 20 mins of your time and the taste will keep you drooling over it the whole day…

Health Benefits of Poha/Rice Flakes: Prevents Diabetes, Heart diseases, High cholesterol and helps in losing weight..

Health Benefits of Jaggery: Ability to cleanse the body, Acts as a digestive agent, Provides good amounts of minerals, Healthy substitute for sugar..


Adapted fromPadhu’s Kitchen

1/4 Cup Aval/Poha/Beaten rice
1/4 Cup Jaggery
2 1/2 Cups Milk
1 Tbsp Butter + 1/2 Tbsp Oil / 1 Tbsp Ghee
A pinch of Cardamom Powder
Cashews and Raisins to taste

1. Heat a pan with oil.. Add butter and allow it to melt..

2. Add cashews and raisins and fry till the raisins puff up.. Keep it aside in a bowl..

3. Add the beaten rice to the pan and fry well till slightly brown on medium flame..

4. Meanwhile boil milk in another vessel..

5. Add the boiled milk to the fried beaten rice and mix well.. Allow it to reduce a little..

6. Add grated jaggery and cardamom powder and mix well.. Immediately switch off the flame..
Note: 1. If the jaggery has impurities, you could also melt it in a vessel with little water, strain it and allow it to cool down completely to room temperature.. Then add it to the milk- poha mixture..
2. Do not boil milk after jaggery is added.. Else the milk might curdle..

7. Garnish with cashews and raisins and serve warm..
Garnish with a Tulsi Leaf if offering to the Lord and Enjoy Janmashtami with your loved ones!!

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