100% Whole Wheat Bread | Atta Bread | Easy Bread Recipe

                                               Here’s presenting my 200th post – Whole Wheat Bread or Bread made with Atta (Chapati flour). I had been long wanting to try homemade bread and had even stocked up good quality yeast in my freezer. So after all the vacation blues got over, hubby (yet again!) reminded me of my long cherished dream and we finally baked our first bread!

It was such an exciting moment when we sliced the bread which had turned dark but nevertheless was a good airy and fluffy bread. Hubby could not believe homemade bread tastes so delicious. It was far far better than the maida (all purpose flour) bread and so filling too. Over many trials, I realized my mistakes in oven temperatures and kneading the dough (which I have shared as tips after the recipe) and finally we got a perfect whole wheat bread.

                                             And before I forget to mention, you won’t believe how easy bread making is with this recipe. It is easier than making a Chapati. In simple language, just knead the dough – keep it to rest – place it in the pan – rest again – bake. So the only job you are doing is to knead. Also, when the outcome is this yummy healthy beauty, a little work is acceptable, is it not?

                                                    So do try this whole wheat bread during your free time and you won’t regret trying it. Just read the recipe well and do ping me if in doubt. You might not get the perfect bread in your first attempt but after few trials, bread making will be a breeze. I am sure your family will love it too and this decision of baking your own bread will definitely bring a healthier shift in your lifestyle.

Health Benefits of Wheat: Since they are low in fat and high on fiber, they have been linked to reduce weight, the risks of stroke, type 2 diabetes, certain cancers and other health problems.. Substitute refined flour with whole wheat in your diet and see the positive health changes you will undergo.


Adapted fromVeg Recipes of India

3 Cups Whole Wheat flour/ Atta
1 tsp Instant Yeast (if using active dry yeast, check the last important tip. Also check the last update. Use 2 tsp Instant yeast instead of 1 tsp for a fluffier bread.)
1 tsp Salt
2 Tbsp Sugar
1/4 Cup Yogurt / thick Curd
3 Tbsp Ghee
Approx 1 1/4 Cup Water to knead the dough (depends on your flour)

Milk to brush on top

1. Sieve wheat flour in a large mixing bowl.

2. Add yeast, salt and sugar.

3. Add yogurt and ghee.

4. Mix well with hands so that the yogurt and ghee incorporates well into the flour.

5. Now add water, little by little and form a smooth and soft dough. Knead the dough well for at least 10 minutes for your bread to turn airy and fluffy.
Note: It is okay for the dough to be slightly sticky but it should not be dry. So add enough water. It took me 1 1/4 Cup water for 3 Cups flour. It may vary with different brand of flours.

6. Keep aside covered to rest for about an hour (in cold weather) or till it doubles. (might take lesser time in hot weather)

7. Now knead lightly and place the dough in a well greased loaf pan as shown. Remember to grease the pan well with oil.

8. Wait for an hour for the dough to rise double the size in the pan. When the dough doubles, make cross slit lines on the dough as shown and brush lightly on top with milk.

9. During the last 20 mins of waiting for the dough to rise, Preheat the oven at 200 C for 20 minutes.
10. Bake at 200 C for 25 minutes. To check if done, tap the loaf pan gently on the counter and a hollow sound should be produced.

11. Allow the bread to cool slightly. While still warm, invert it onto a plate.
12. Now allow to cool completely. Slice and serve.

Important tips:
* I tried this recipe many times to get the perfect bread. What I noticed is, the final outcome changes with the flour brand and your oven.
* When I made this bread the first time, I baked at 220 C (as per original recipe) and got a dark and hard crust on top. So second time, I reduced the temperature to 200 C and got the perfect bread. So it depends on your oven type. If it remains under-baked at 200 C after 25 mins, keep for 5 mins more or till done.

First try when baked at 220 C. The crust turned black and hard.

* Also if the crust turns black, you can cover it with aluminium foil after 20 mins of bake time and bake till done.
* The water quantity required to knead the dough also depends of your flour brand. It may take 1 Cup to 1 1/2 Cup. So keep adding little by little and keep kneading for around 10 mins.

An example of dense bread due to less kneading and less water in the dough.

* The rise time depends on the weather. I kept both times for around an hour as the weather is cold here. At warm weathers, you can keep for around 45 mins for both rises. Do NOT over proof the dough ie don’t keep for very long as the bread many sink while baking.
* Always allow the bread to cool completely before slicing to get firm and neat slices. I bake the bread at night and keep it at room temperature overnight and slice it during breakfast to get perfect slices.
* They stay good at room temperature for 2 days if handled well. My bread got over within a couple of days.
* They are very filling and three slices got us full till lunch time.
* The texture is definitely denser than white bread but they do turn soft and fluffy and taste delicious.
* I used Saf Instant yeast brand. I have NOT used dry yeast in this recipe. If using dry yeast, use 1/2 tablespoon and mix it in warm water along with 2 Tbsp sugar. Allow it to rest for 10 mins. Then add salt and continue from step 3 of the recipe. Also the resting time is 2 hours for first rise and 1.5 hours in the loaf pan with dry yeast. Baking time is the same.

Update: I have been making this bread regularly now and recently tried it with 2 tsp Instant yeast instead of 1 tsp. It came out softer and fluffier. Here is the picture of the loaf. I suggest you all to try this recipe with 2 tsp Instant yeast too. 

I have tried to answer as many queries that can arise but if you have any more doubts, you can comment below or message me on my facebook page @HealthyCookingwithMitha.

Hello, I am Mitha.Join me in my journey of healthy eating with my foodie of a husband and an equally foodie toddler. This site is a collection of recipes that we loved so much that we had to share it. Enjoy cooking with these healthy-easy-delicious recipes!

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